This is us

Behind the Poliklinik Leipzig is the association "Solidarisches Gesundheitszentrum Leipzig e.V.". About 25 people with different professional backgrounds are active in the association, such as social work, psychology, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social sciences. We founded the association in 2018 to put our vision of interdisciplinary and collective healthcare for all into practice. You can find more about our vision here (LINK).

Our collective is currently made up almost entirely of white and predominantly academic people, quite a few come from working* class families and some are parents.

Our counseling services are currently staffed only by white people. We are aware that many BIPoC (Black Indigenous and People of Color) have to deal with racist discrimination, especially in counseling and therapy contexts - i.e. particularly vulnerable situations. We see ourselves as a power-critical collective and try to deal with this issue permanently and to educate ourselves. In counseling contexts, however, we would like to recognize above all your expertise and power of definition in relation to experiences of discrimination, which you bring to the counseling for your own concerns and with your specific background.

At the beginning of 2020, we opened the polyclinic in Leipzig Schönefeld and started psychosocial counseling. At that time, this was implemented exclusively through unpaid work. In recent years, we have been able to steadily expand and professionalize our services. Among other things, thanks to the great support of numerous sponsoring members (link).

Currently, our team consists of seven people who are employed part-time, as well as four people who are doing federal voluntary service with us and two interns. The full-time employees include the positions for social counseling and psychological counseling. In addition, there is a position for everyday counsel ing and group offerings, as well as a position for our neighborhood offerings. In addition, there are three positions for project coordination, for the coordination of interdisciplinary cooperation, administration and public relations.

Our way of working is based on concepts and values of collective management, low hierarchy and grassroots democracy.


The Poliklinik Leipzig is located in the district Schönefeld. Here you can soon learn more about the district.