Since January 2020, the "Poliklinik Leipzig" has existed in the Schönefeld district of Leipzig.
In our center at Taubestraße 2, we have been working on our vision of good healthcare for all ever since.

We want to create a place where all concerns around the topic of health can be dealt with. By health we understand social, physical as well as mental health. In our center, however, there should not only be room for consultation and treatment, we also want to create a place for exchange and encounter.
In our society, health is usually thought of and negotiated on a very individual basis. We also focus on the factors and influences that affect our health. How sick or healthy we are depends to 2/3 on the conditions in which we live. So our living or working conditions, how much money we have at our disposal and other social factors.
Our friends from the Poliklinik Veddel have created an explanatory video on the social determinants of health and relationship prevention:

Gesundheit ist politisch! Was bedeutet Prävention in der Poliklinik Veddel? from Poliklinik Veddel on Vimeo.

We want to continue to develop and have many plans for the next few years. We are currently planning the opening of a senior citizens' meeting place and the expansion of our premises.

At the moment, we are mainly concerned with the questions of how we can expand our health center to include a family doctor and how we can integrate the work of the community health nurse.